TrueVoIP Features


Voice Mail

Voice Mail messages can be recorded from your telephone set or uploaded through our friendly custom interface. You can retrieve your messages via phone, voicemail to email or even listen to them through your internet browser.

Auto Attendants - IVR

Your automated call director. Upload a WAV file or record a personal message from your phone. There's never a need to log into a complicated system or press a long sequence of buttons to record a message.

Ring Groups

Set your system to ring a receptionist followed by another group of phones if the call goes on answered. You can include external numbers in the ring group to calls can be answered by staff on using their mobile devices. If no one answers, the call can be directed to Voice Mail or an Auto Attendant.

Call Queues

The perfect professional office tool. Our central answering system can take calls in sequence, provide callers with detailed instructions while they wait and then direct them to the first available extension within the group. Set up one or multiple phones within the queue.

Call Detail Records

Who hasn't wasted time hunting down the number of someone who called a few days or weeks ago? Use our online Call History to search by day or month for a caller. Search individual extensions or throughout your entire business group.


Our dashboard offers a quick and easy snapshot of your domain, the status of your connected devices and provides effecient access any device or service you have.


Easy view active calls, voice mail messages, device registrations and call history.

Conference Bridge

All business groups come with a conference bridge. You can give inside and outside access to the bridge via either a direct number or an extension thru your Auto Attendant. Need more than once Conference Bridges? No problem, multiple bridges can be configured.

Block Unwanted Numbers

No one likes unsolicited calls, period. Block selected callers from reaching your business by redirecting to a message indicating the line is not receiving incoming calls.

Upload FIles

Customize Voice Mail, the Auto Attendant or Music on Hold by uploading WAV files or record new messages from your hand set.

Music / Ad on Hold

We provide a selection of generic messages and streaming music options to choose from or for a more personal touch, create your own!

Mobile Apps

Choose the mobile app that best suits your needs then configure it as an extension on the system or pair it to your desk set. When out of the office, you can quickly and easily answer calls, check voice mail or call other extensions.


Easily page single or multiple (group) extensions. Set up buttons on your phone to page as many as 10 different groups or add an external paging adapter for large areas..

Dial By Name Directory

Our Dial by Name Directory gives the caller the ability to dial either the first name or last name of the person they would like to reach. Customize the experience by providing a voice recording by the person associated with the extension.

Extension Status (BLFs)

Quickly see what extensions are being used for people across the hall or across the Ocean.

Multiple Locations

One of the largest advantages of TrueVoIP! Whether you have staff working from home or multiple locations, our phone systems can easily accommodate your needs under a unified system. There is no limit on the number of locations, either. Have a local number for when you're in Florida or grant any staff the ability to pick up other offices' calls. Everything can be local with TrueVoIP, just take your IP phone with you! Decrease staffing requirements by centralizing duties and create efficiencies.

Follow Me

You move around, so should your phone. Calls received at your office can then ring at home and or to your cell. No answer anywhere? No problem! A forward can be set up to a central answering station or Voice Mail.

Night Answer Schedules

Auto Attendants and Hunt groups can be set to ring on during business hours only to automatically switch to an alternate destination, such as Voice Mail, Auto Attendants or Mobile phones after hours.
There's no limit to the amount of Hunt Groups or Auto Attendants you can have. Chain several groups together to build an extensive routing system based on a convenient time of day.

Call Park and Call Pickup

Place a call on hold with the press of a button and pick it up from another location. There will never be a need to remember codes or shout directions across the office with our system.

All the Bells & Whistles are Included

Don't pay for extra features when we provice them for free

Calling Name and Number Display, 3 way calling, Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, Do Not Disturb (DND), On Screen Call History, Last Number Redial, ON Hook Dialing, Speaker Phone and Mute are all no-charge standard features!

Choose Truespeed for Distingushed Hosted Features

Device Provisioning

Set up your system or add phones effortlessly with our automatic provisioning system. Extensions, button functions and other features can be automatically added by simply plugging your IP phone into your network.

Night Mode Button

Previously common on older phone systems, the Night Mode button has largely been ignored by VoIP Providers. Truespeed's system lets control when a line rings or gets transferred to an alternate destination. And so users do not forget when the service is active, the associated light on the phone will be illuminated.

Auto Company Directory

You can add extensions into a company directory with "Prime", "Standard" or "Omit" options. Prime extensions will play ahead of standard extensions and omit will exclude the extension from being played. Our system can either read the name or play the name recorded using the Voice Mail System.

Call Out List

Do you have on call staff that changes from dat to day? Our Call Out List feature allows you to set the schedule based on day and time with who is on call at that moment. Change of plans? The schedule can be easily changed!

Free Assistance

Our system is easy to use and features guides readily available at the click of a button. If you want to focus on running your business over learning our telephone system, simply call our office or open a ticket. Our helpful support team will happily complete your request quickly!

Unique Requests

While our telephony offerings are expansive, we are always open to adding new features.
Truespeed uses a custom platform developed in house so we can be much more accommodating than the competition. Have a unique request? We can most likely accommodate!

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