Brockville, Ontario19-08-2022
We are happy to feature The Capitol Axe Throwing, a unique and entertaining business for this week's Truespeed Small Business Spotlight.
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Brockville, Ontario17-08-2022
Marianne Carlyle is at it again! Tomorrow (Thurs Aug 18) she will be doing 9km of swimming at canteen park. 1st 3km swim 8am – 9am 2nd 3km 1pm -2pm 3rd 3km 6pm -7pm Spectators Welcome!
Brockville, Ontario17-08-2022
We will be replacing faulty wireless backhaul equipment between the Truespeed Office (Site 0) and the Maitland Tower (Site 1) on Thursday, August 18th between the hours of 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM.
Brockville, Ontario17-08-2022
Truespeed is proud to be participating in the community scavenger hunt.