Update on Mallorytown “Northern Soul” Tower


On Friday morning (Nov 1st), severe winds took down one of our transmission towers, located near the Norther Soul restaurant on Lake Street in Mallorytown.

No-one, especially us wanted this. We care deeply about maintaining a reliable service and are very particular with tower maintenance. We can assure everyone that the weather related damage was not a result of negligence or a lack of regular maintenance to the tower.

As fortune has it, we placed an unrelated tower order several weeks ago which will shave weeks off the time it will take to erect a replacement tower. We have reached out to our supplier to see what can be done to further expedite delivery of the tower and hope to provide more information to everyone early next week. We have a new location set out to put up a new and taller tower that will have a state of the art equipment load included.

We are in reaction mode right now arranging for tower and equipment delivery while coordinating an on-site visit on Monday with our insurance people. We know that everyone wants solid answers right now as to when the service will be restored and the brutal honesty is that we simply do not know when that will be at this time It could take several weeks to complete the new and fully functional tower, assuming we can’t expedite the delivery time which we are trying very hard to do. Hopefully if that happens, we can have the tower up in less time but very absolute best case scenario is still two or three weeks before a new tower is up. We are sparing no expense in dedicating resources to this so if it can be done quicker, it will be.

On Monday or Tuesday we will be trying to redirect equipment on some of the sites that were feeding off the downed tower. We hope that many clients connecting to secondary towers that were fed off the Norther Soul tower will have their service restored at that time. Unfortunately, no-one who was connected directly to the downed tower will not have service restored by this change.

We apologize sincerely to those being impacted by this completely tragic and unavoidable act of nature. In travelling to the site we’ve witnessed treed down, damage to buildings and a completely trashed trampoline that somehow ended up on the Spring Valley OPP property. We ask for your understanding as we work as quickly as possible to remedy the situation. We’re on your side. Believe us when we say that we feel your pain. We don’t know what it looks like at this time but we’ll do what we can to make up for the inconvenience when the dust settles. It will be a grand gesture.

In the meantime, for those who have phone service through us, our support department can help reroute those calls to a cell phone.

As soon as we have more information, we’ll provide it here. Thank you once again for your patience and understanding. We can’t tell you how much we appreciate it.