Service Interruption Notice – LTE Wireless

Across our entire LTE Network 24-11-2020

The interrupting signal seems to have stopped being broadcast and we are hopeful that it will not resume. If you are using LTE wireless for your connectivity and service was not restored automatically by now, please power cycle your PoE injector and router. Thank you once again for your understanding.
We are presently receiving a large burst of interference from an outside entity that is impacting our LTE wireless network. While no other service, including Legacy Wireless is being affected, LTE clients can expect service interruption until this as of now unknown source of interference is stopped. As we will be providing up to the minute information on the page, we ask that those impacted check here for updates and do not call into technical support for assistance. Said plainly, LTE service will be out until this stops.
Read further for the details:
We use a licensed frequency for our LTE service broadcasting. There are likely around 6 other organizations in this general region that are also licensed to use the frequency. It could be something as simple as another one of those companies are performing a frequency scan and are unknowingly knocking our service out or it could be something malicious. We simply do not know at this time.
We will continue to try to get to the bottom of this to be able to restore service to LTE clients as quickly as possible. As everything is an unknown at the moment, we can offer no ETA on when the interference will be going away. Our Facebook page will be the best place to look for up to the minute updates so once again, please do not call into tech support for answers. They simply don’t have any at the moment and are trying to assist clients with problems they can manage.  Thank you for your understanding.  We hope this issue is resolved shortly.