ATOP is the company behind our TrueTV streaming television service.  On Saturday, May 18th, they experienced a catastrophic failure to one of their servers, resulting in a total outage in streaming television service.  They restored service the following day, Sunday, May 19th but only to select settop boxes including Roku and the 4K Mini TV Box.  

Update from ATOP
We have just been informed that ATOP has officially ended support for all Android boxes outside of the 4K Mini boxes that presently enjoy a functional ATOP service.

What this means
 Anyone who has ATOP service that is not presently using a functional set top box including Roku or the “4K Mini TV BOX” will need to replace their unit to restore ATOP streaming television service.

How Truespeed Will Help
When we say that Truespeed cares about our customers, it’s not just lip service. Truespeed will be paying to replace any now unsupported android box for a supported unit free of charge. That’s right. We will be paying for new replacement set top boxes for anyone who is using something that no longer functions as long as you are currently receiving the ATOP TV service from us and your Truespeed account is in good standing.

Further Details
Our regular stock of 4K boxes have been wiped out as of today (Friday, May 24th). We have more units expected to arrive this coming Monday or Tuesday with a further shipment expected to arrive a day after that. We will be providing replacements on a first come, first served basis so those who bring their boxes in before the replacement units arrive will be placed in queue in the order they arrive.

There will be no charge for the replacement box and no charge to set the new box up.  We will be issuing refunds for missed time to select ATOP clients but anyone receiving a 4K box upgrade will be doing so in lieu of receiving a programming credit. If you get a free box upgrade with no charge setup (a $129.99 plus tax value), that will be considered your programming credit.

For those who will be replacing your Android boxes, we need back your original set top box, remote and power supply.

We have been asked if the option for keeping the original box is available. In response to that request, for anyone interested in keeping your current box as well as receiving the new 4K box, your old unit will be available for $30 (each) plus tax, regardless of make or model.

None of us are happy about the time it has taken for this news to be issued and we are sincerely sorry for any level of inconvenience that this may have caused. We hope everyone will agree that while circumstances beyond all of our control have led us here, we’re doing our best to do the right thing to move everyone forward.

Thank you!